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 Client Testimonials

Since I wear a below the knee prosthetic, my walking alignment is always off...Which means my hips, back, and neck alignment gets off as well. I was so tired, stiff and sore this morning, and my foot was aching. After doing yoga with you, I feel as if I've spent an hour with a chiropractor! I have more energy, and my shoulders are back in alignment. The pain in my neck, back and hips are gone! What a difference an hour makes. THANK YOU, THANK YOU!!! I can’t wait to do yoga with you on a weekly basis. You are amazing!!!!

~Nina Jones, 56, Lafayette CA.

“ Kendra Fried is a gift that you will never regret giving yourself”.

Kendra came into our lives soon after we had a horrific and traumatic accident. We were all ‘banged up’ and had many balance issues that we could not seem to correct. She came to our home 2-3 times a week over several months and worked diligently and patiently with both of us, until such time that we got to the point where we once again had the stamina and courage to return to our local YMCA.

She is a sensitive, gentle and excellent trainer.

From my heart to yours, I suggest that whatever your health and physical issues are, give yourself ‘the gift of Kendra’. I promise that you will never regret it ….and will come away from it feeling so much stronger and better for having experienced working with her.

Rochelle & Marv Brandon

Walnut Creek, CA

I began my work with Kendra to help me improve my breathing, post-surgery. Little did I know, that with her talents and knowledge that she would help me in numerous ways, addressing pain, increasing strength, learning to listen to my body. Even when I could not clearly state what I needed Kendra has a way of helping you uncover what will help you, an approach that blends expertise of the body and an intuitive sense, leaving me always grateful for the time I spent with her. 

- Barbara Elsberg, Orinda CA

 I am a grateful member of the Neshamah Yoga classes Kendra leads at Temple Isaiah in Lafayette Ca. The classes are comprised of individuals of varying ages and skill levels. Kendra has the unique ability to create a session that is both physically and spiritually healing, and feels customized to the needs of each member. After each session with Kendra, I feel uplifted and have an overall sense of well being.

When I learned Kendra took private patients, I arranged for her to work with my husband in our home. My husband has physical and cognitive disabilities as the result of a massive stroke and was at a low point when Kendra came into his life. He was dubious about undertaking a rehabilitation program with her, but after the first session he was sold. Kendra struck just the right chord, with humor, challenge and encouragement. Kendra developed a holistic program for my husband that helped him regain confidence and some optimism about the future. She explained each recommendation and the expected benefits. The exercises and nutrition ideas Kendra introduced improved his strength, range of motion and mobility. Not only did Kendra help my husband, but she also coached me on how to better fulfill my role as caregiver for him, while still

caring for myself.

Kendra Fried earns my highest recommendation. She is the total, upbeat, and inspiring with top notch professional skills.

~GJ,70, Orinda CA

I was referred to Kendra by a friend who wanted me to “take better care of myself”. I also needed some ongoing guidance in exercising safely, after being released from physical therapy for a hip replacement. Kendra took the time to really understand both my physical and emotional concerns and then developed a varied work out program specific to my needs so I could experience the benefits and feel successful. Kendra is insightful, accepting and encourages me in the most positive way. Kendra emphasizes the importance of being kind to oneself and to maintain a positive attitude in all aspects of life. Given my busy and sometimes stressful schedule, Kendra often comes into my thoughts reminding me to give myself permission to recognize what my body and soul need in the moment and then time to fulfill that need. Kendra’s kindness, thoughtfulness and professional skills help me feel better each day.  

A.O. Moraga, CA.

Kendra Fried is a highly intelligent and accomplished trainer, well qualified to lead you to your fitness goals regardless of physical ability. For regular clients, her commitment goes far beyond training sessions. She continually seeks new ways to enhance your performance and leads you on a path of increased fitness and strength without injury.

Kendra is a positive force with well developed communication skills. Her competence and sparkling charisma result in training sessions that seem to go by quickly, with me always looking forward to my next workout.

My experience with Kendra was transformational. My unqualified recommendation of her may be among a small handful of the best recommendations you receive in your life.

George W. Couch III, President/CEO, Couch Distributing Co.

Kendra – I cannot begin to tell you how much yesterday’s session helped … it was the best night’s sleep I have had in two months! Today, my body feels better, stronger, more centered, and my energy feels like it is returning, although I know this will take awhile. Your gifts are beyond compare. Now you know how much you have spoiled me over the years, and why no one else is even in the running. Thank you again, for your caring attitude, your effective advice, and most of all, for your presence. 

C.B., 55, Educator

"Kendra brings to ministry a rich, diverse, multi-disciplinary background of transpersonal psychology/hypnotherapy, and counseling; kinesiology/energy work and healing; coaching and empowering; and an understanding of metaphysics and universal spiritual principles. She applies these in ways that uniquely lead each person to the realization/experience of their inherent wholeness, and the experience of the Divinity that lives within each of them. She is a skilled and dedicated healing practitioner. Kendra has a powerful spiritual presence and maturity, heartfelt caring and compassion, and a vision for her client's healing. She is a dynamic source and force for Divine Good in the world. We have been, and you will be, blessed by her."

Rev. Rory Elder, Co Minister of Unity Church Monterey Bay

My wife and I worked out with Kendra for almost a year. We are both extremely happy with all aspects of her work.

Of all the trainers I have had a long-term relationship with, Kendra was by far the best. She connects with clients and shows a genuine interest in their progress. Workouts are very specific to individual needs and adjust to issues on a session-by-session basis. In my case she focused on core strength and balance while with my wife there was more focus on yoga and martial arts. Kendra's broad background allows her to mix and match to best meet the needs and moods of the client. I really loved the boxing (with a bag), something I never would have expected. But what makes Kendra so exceptional is how much fun she makes each workout. She is one of the very special people! Clearly she enjoys what she does and puts 100% into each and every session. It is always about the client.  

Gordon Eubanks, 66, Former CEO, Symantec

"I have had the privilege of working with Kendra in the health and fitness industry for 12 years. She pulls from many different skill sets to meet the individual needs of each person. I have worked with her in several capacities, most recently as a workshop facilitator. Her level of integrity and commitment to the health and wellbeing of her clients is without compare. Kendra is also humble and real. If she doesn't have the answer, she finds it or sends you to someone who has it. She is one of the most loving, compassionate people I know. I recommend her without reservation."

J. Manniello, Fitness Director,

Monterey Peninsula Country Club, Pebble Beach

"..Even though it's a busy and potentially stressful semester for me, I've been coping much differently (and better) than before. It's kind of amazing what happens when you stop beating yourself up for everything, huh? I've been trying to fit in yoga classes where ever I can, but without focusing on what I 'should' be doing I've been more active consistently than I have been in a long time and haven't had the desire to binge in weeks."

D.R., Psychologist

As an experienced Personal Fitness Coach and Trainer, Kendra brings a level of high professionalism and competency to to MPCC members whom she trains. As a person, she is refreshingly enthusiastic and treats everyone with respect and dignity. Kendra is patient, articulate, and well-educated, and obviously enjoys what she does so well. She has made and indelible and positive impact on all of us who were fortunate enough to work with her. 

M. Bowhay, General Manager, MPCC, Pebble Beach

While trying to find a nutritious way to lose weight and feel better, I found Kendra Fried. Not only did I learn about nutrition, I learned about myself and that's what was so incredible. Before the 6 month program with Kendra, I was negative and floundering. Now I have confidence, self-worth, my health is much better and I'm making better decisions for myself. Best of all, I'm happy!! Kendra Fried is one of the most caring, nurturing and honest women I've ever met. Her knowledge of nutrition, health and wellness is of the utmost caliber. She has helped me in all aspects of my life and has such a great approach to health and nutrition counseling. I'm so thankful she came into my life. Lisa W.

Working with Kendra over the last six months has been truly an eye opening experience. She was able to evaluate imbalances in my life accurately and give me the tools needed, such as a solid and attainable plan, to address pertinent issues. Kendra's expertise and professionalism are bar none. Kara T.“I was interested in learning about better health so I signed up to work with Kendra. Now looking back, I am glad I did. It was so much more than a nutrition program! She was an amazing help to getting my mind, soul, and body to a better place. She listened, cared, and helped me discover what would work for me. She is a warmhearted person to work with. Before working with Kendra I was not too happy with my life in general. I was a country girl living in the city, working full time, and living far away from close friends and support. I was dealing with huge relationship issues with my boyfriend. For comfort, I was eating unhealthy things regularly. To top it off, I had horrible allergies that depleted my energy and made it hard to get up in the morning. Kendra, at a good pace, guided me toward setting goals for myself that would positively affect all these areas of my life. I learned that attending to my emotional needs first would guide me to a happier soul and healthier body - it all ties together. By the end of my program with Kendra, I was a new person. People were telling me that I was glowing. I lost weight because I was eating healthier and feeding my cravings in a better way. I now have more confidence in listening to my inner gut and taking action on what my body needs. With Kendra’s help I have more and better energy, and have become happier and brighter inside and out. It has been a few months since I have met with Kendra and I am still making sure I eat healthy foods, exercise regularly, and care for my relationships. I have also moved to an environment which makes me feel complete, relaxed, and happy. There aren’t enough words available to thank Kendra for opening my mind to new and simple ways of making my daily life brighter. She is amazing at the work she does because she truly loves what she is doing. Kendra, thank you for helping me create a life full of positive energy, excitement, and contentment. I have learned it’s not selfish to take care of myself…and because of that I am in a good place.” 

Annie A., 23, preschool teacher  

“While it seems like a no-brainer now, Kendra really helped me make the connection between the foods I eat and my mood and energy level. Who knew that my morning coffee and breakfast bar were setting me up to eat lots of sugar in the afternoon? Kendra did! I felt hungry all day long – I always wanted to eat. Kendra helped me find foods to eat that keep me satisfied AND are good for me. Not only do I feel better and have sustained energy throughout the day, but I also got rid of my nasty sugar addiction – and I don’t miss it! My clothes fit better, I feel better about myself, and I don’t get drowsy in the afternoons anymore –and that is saying a lot given I don't do caffeine anymore!

Gillian T., 32, Human Resources

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