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Neshamah Chant Recordings

These are original melodies to various prayers and words of devotion, inspired by my Jewish tradition as well as other spiritual paths.  Click on a title to hear the track- chants are being added regularly, so check back in! Thank you for listening, may it bring you peace.  

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Ahava V'rachamim, Chesed, V'shalom
Love, and mercy, lovingkindness, and peace

Menuchat Hanefesh

Menuchat Hanefesh, lev shalom, yeshuv ha da'at, I have returned home. 

HebrewTranslation:  Restful soul, peaceful heart, settled mind..I have returned home.

I Am Loving Awareness 
(inspired by the teachings of Ram Dass, may his memory be a blessing)

Deep Peace

An original Neshamah Chant, with a mash-up of Amazing Grace

Deep peace in the lotus of my heart

Deep peace in space of my mind

Deep peace in the earth of my bones

Deep peace in the rivers of my blood

Deep peace in the wind of my breath

Deep peace in the belly of my being

Deep peace in every part of me

As I rest in within One Divinity...One Divinity...Deep peace.

Chants & Devotional Music

Group Chanting (spiritually universal) is available by request.  Chanting, sounding, humming, and singing has many health benefits, builds community, and feeds the soul!  Email to schedule a gathering!

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